The Fearless Fifteeners: By The Numbers


Applications for 2015 debut MG and YA authors have been pouring in since we launched the site for the Fearless Fifteeners on October 15. Below is how we break down in terms of gender, genre, publisher, the things that make us run for cover, and the things we face without fear.

If a single person were created to represent the majority of us, that person would be a female author of a YA contemporary novel published by Harper Collins. She would be afraid of sharks and not afraid to take on new challenges (like writing a debut novel!)

In reality,  though, we are a diverse group of people who live in the U.S., Canada, and England.  We write everything from MG fantasy to YA historical fiction, and soon we will each introduce ourselves in more detail on this site. For now, here we are by the numbers.

Members: 42

  • Women: 41
  • Man: 1
  • YA: 33
  • MG: 9

Genres (we have information for 36 of the 42 members):

  • Contemporary: 14
  • Fantasy: 6
  • Thriller/Suspense: 6
  • Science Fiction: 2
  • Mystery: 1
  • Humor: 1
  • Magical Realism: 1
  • Horror: 1
  • Dark Near-Future Multicultural: 1
  • Verse Novel: 1
  • Paranormal Mystery Romance: 1
  • Historical Fiction: 1


  • Harper Collins imprints: 13 (Harper Collins Children’s Books, HarperTeen, Balzer + Bray, Katherine Tegen Books)
  • Penguin imprints: 9 (Dial, Viking, Putnam, Philomel, Razorbill)
  • Macmillan imprints: 6 (St. Martin’s, Feiwel & Friends, Henry Holt, Roaring Brook Press)
  • Simon & Schuster imprints: 5 (Simon & Schuster, Aladdin)
  • Random House imprints: 4 (Knopf, Crown, Delacorte)
  • Scholastic: 1
  • Bloomsbury Children’s USA: 1
  • Soho Teen: 1
  • Little, Brown, & Company: 1
  • Disney Hyperion: 1
  • Jabberwocky: 1

Yes, we have 42 members and 43 publishers listed. One member, Krista Van Dolzer has two novels coming out in 2015!

Top 5 things we fear:

  • Sharks
  • Heights
  • Spiders and other creepy crawlers
  • Snakes
  • Zombies

Top 5 things we don’t fear:

  • Challenges, stated as: taking on new things, taking risks, new challenges, change, starting over, being busy
  • Failure/uncertainty, stated as: mayking miztakess being wrong, making a fool of myself, not knowing what what I’m doing
  • Deadlines
  • And tying at two each: flying, heights, the dark, and the zombie apocalypse

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