On This Fifteenth Day, We Have Prize Winners!


Thank you to everyone who entered our Mega Launch Giveaway! We had a total of 181 entries for 18 prizes for writers and 26 prizes for everyone.

Here are the winners for the prizes “For Writers.” We will contact the winners and match the prize with the writer, so that a middle grade writer gets a middle grade critique, for example.

  • Whitney Sandin
  • Leona Retan
  • Keri Schneider
  • Nicole Zoltack
  • Lauren H.
  • Jessi
  • Megan Hutchins
  • Alex
  • Beth Pond
  • Renee Aprice
  • Sara Erickson
  • Lisa Rose
  • Cristin Bruggeman
  • V.T.
  • Jenny Fisher Clark
  • Bethany
  • Shelina Kurwa
  • Terry Lynn Johnson

Here is the list of the prizes “For Everyone” and the winners:

  • Nicole Zoltack: Copies of THE MADNESS UNDERNEATH and THE NAME OF THE STAR from Susan Adrian, plus Maureen Johnson STARE tattoos
  • Jennifer Prickrell: Copy of ARISTOTLE AND DANTE DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE from Cindy L. Rodriguez
  • Anna M.: Copy of ALL THE TRUTH THAT’S IN ME from Cordelia Jensen
  • Jessamyn: Copy of THE LOST GIRL from Marcy Beller Paul
  • Abby Cooper: Copy of THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST or CRACKED (signed) from I.W. Gregorio
  • Lisa Rose: Copies of ALTERED and the sequel ERASED from Virginia Boecker
  • Myriam Bén Ncir: Signed copy of FAKING NORMAL from David Arnold
  • Heather: Signed copies of NIL and DEFY from Becky Wallace
  • Rebecca Waddell: Signed copy of UNREMEMBERED from Michelle Levy
  • Ghita Bardaoui: Copy of THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING from Moriah McStay
  • Jayne: Copy of TWO BOYS KISSING from Mary McCoy
  • Pamela Harris: Copy of DREAMWOOD from Kim Liggett
  • Jessi: Copy of TIDES from Rhiannon Thomas
  • Alicia: Copy of SPLINTERED by A.G. Howard
  • Ashley MacKenzie: Copy of THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE from Kathryn Holmes
  • Sara McGraw: Signed copy of THE CHANCE YOU WILL RETURN from Kim Savage
  • Whitney Sandin: 2014 preorder from Francesca Zappia
  • Baillie Puckett: 2014 preorder of VITRO from Lori Goldstein
  • Cordelia Fitzgerald: Signed copy of OTHERSPHERE from Jen Klein (+ 3 bookmarks, one from each book in the series)
  • Anita Nolan: Homemade greeting card pack from Cordelia Jensen
  • Lauren H.: Paul Frank laptop bag (with monkey) from Stacey Lee
  • Lisa B.: Homemade earrings from Alison DeCamp
  • Jessica Noreault: Free downloads of David Arnold’s music
  • V.T.: $20 book gift card from Shannon Grogan
  • Ashley Maker $20 Barnes and Noble gift card from Sarah McGuire

Last but not least, a few links to get you through the month:

Melissa Grey reveals the three books she wishes she wrote.

Jennifer Bertman explains how to set writing resolutions you can actually keep.


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