Happy Fifteenth Day!


It’s been an exciting month for us Fifteeners! Read on for all the details.

Book Deals and Rights Sales

Jen Klein sold her second book! SHUFFLE, REPEAT will come out with Random House Children’s in Spring 2016.

Interviews and Cool Posts

Jen Klein is also writing the script for the adaptation of Diana Lopez’s CHOKE, which will air on Lifetime this summer.

Melissa Grey reveals, among other things, where she’d love to launch her book, THE GIRL AT MIDNIGHT.

Jasmine Warga gives thoughtful answers to DiversifYA’s questions on what it’s like to be a Middle Eastern American.

Sabaa Tahir dishes on Marvel’s latest superhero–a teenage Muslim girl–for the Washington Post.

Susan Adrian writes about one night that changed her life as part of the blog tour for Tiffany Schmidt’s BRIGHT BEFORE SUNRISE.

Cindy L. Rodriguez explains the difference between revising and editing.

Cover Reveals

We had our first cover reveal this month! Sleuths, Spies, and Alibis revealed the cover of Mary McCoy‘s forthcoming DEAD TO ME, and it’s a stunner.


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