It’s Not Just Tax Day


If you just finished your taxes, great job! We’ve got some great links to help you unwind…

Book Deals and Rights Sales

Gail Nall and coauthor Jennifer Malone sold a new book! PLEASE RSVP will come out with Aladdin in Summer 2015, with a sequel to follow that fall.

Interviews and Cool Posts

Shannon Grogan shares her query and a day-by-day account of her journey from querying writer to agented author.

Shallee McArthur reveals a few revision secrets for creating tighter plots and molding deeper characters.

Sharon Roat interviews Lucy Connors about the release of her latest book, THE LONESOME YOUNG.

Fonda Lee dishes on being an Asian-American writer in her interview with V.T. Bidania.

Cover Reveals

YA Books Central has the cool cover of Fonda Lee’s ZEROBOXER (and if you click that second link, you can enter to win an signed copy of the book and prize pack!).

Simon P. Clark reveals the stunning cover of EREN (and is also hosting a giveaway!).


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