RELEASE DAY: Monstrous in 3 (pug) Gifs!


GUYS. MONSTROUS is ALIVE! I’ve been waiting for years for this, and I’m mentally turning cartwheels over here! 😀

Now, you may have read the description of Monstrous over on Goodreads or my website or Amazon or any other place where it’s for sale. But what you haven’t seen yet is the description summed up in 3 pug GIFs. (Because, hey, why not, right? :D)

Monstrous, in 3 Pugs:

At the beginning of the book, the main character Kymera is reborn in a new, monstrous form, and she struggles between her innate sweetness and the fact that she’s well, a monster now.


Kymera is given a very important mission by her father and creator: to save the nearby city’s girls from an evil wizard. But she has to be careful and hide from the humans.


But soon she befriends a human boy and discovers everything may not be quite as it seems…

surprise pug


About the Book:

MonstrousThe city of Bryre suffers under the magic of an evil wizard. Because of his curse, girls sicken and disappear without a trace, and Bryre’s inhabitants live in fear. No one is allowed outside after dark.

Yet night is the only time that Kymera can enter this dangerous city, for she must not be seen by humans. Her father says they would not understand her wings, the bolts in her neck, or her spiky tail—they would kill her. They would not understand that she was created for a purpose: to rescue the girls of Bryre.

Despite her caution, a boy named Ren sees Kym and begins to leave a perfect red rose for her every evening. As they become friends, Kym learns that Ren knows about the missing girls, the wizard, and the evil magic that haunts Bryre.

And what he knows will change Kym’s life.

Available Now!

HarperCollins Barnes & Noble | Amazon Indiebound Book Depository |Books-A-Million | iBooks Kobo Signed Copy (via Porter Square Books, put “signed” in order comments!)


MarcyKate Connolly is an author and arts administrator who lives in New England with her husband and pugs, and writes weird little books. She’s also a coffee addict and voracious reader. She blogs about all those things and more at, and can often be found on Twitter. Her debut upper middle grade fantasy novel, MONSTROUS, is available now from HarperCollins Children’s Books.

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