FEARLESS FRIDAYS – Abi Elphinstone holds a… hamster!


I go through phases. Sometimes I can be pretty brave – I’ve bungee-jumped into a ravine, hang-glided over Rio De Janeiro and cliff-jumped 50 feet into a river. But then there are the other times. The times where I’m so frightened I make these weird, high-pitched strangled sort of sounds from the back of my throat. And they tend to tumble out when I’m faced with a shark, snake or HAMSTER. Hamsters are the worst though – their tiny pattering feet completely terrify me.

But a little girl I teach, Tesa (the younger sister of the girl who played my main character in The Dreamsnatcher trailer!) has a hamster called Caramel and apparently he hasn’t bitten anyone for a whole month now. How comforting. Here goes…

When she’s not zooming around Burma on a motorbike or hang-gliding over Rio de Janeiro, Abi Elphinstone can be found in London, in her writing hut at the bottom of the garden. Her debut MG children’s book, THE DREAMSNATCHER, has been described as ‘Pullman-esque’ and follows gypsy girl, Moll, and her wildcat as they fight back against a witchdoctor’s dark magic. It will be published by Simon & Schuster on 26th February 2015.

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