Q&A with MG author Abi Elphinstone


Next up on Fearless Fifteeners’ Wednesday Q&As is MG author, Abi Elphinstone, whose debut, THE DREAMSNATCHER, is out on February 26th. We’ve got a bio and book blurb at the end of the post but right now we’re skipping straight to ogres. Fearless or what?!


1. You wake up to find a massive ogre in your bedroom. If you had to choose one MG character to fight him off who would you choose and why?
Lyra Silvertongue – because she comes with a daemon and that means extra ogre-fighting power. Aaaaaaaaand she’s mates with an armoured polar bear and a bunch of fiercely protective Gyptians so basically, I don’t think the ogre would stand a chance.


2. Having defeated the ogre, you find that your car doesn’t start. Bummer. Would you rather ride a dragon or a unicorn to work? Why?
Tricky one. Although I have a teddy called Jim The Unicorn – who comes complete with magical unicorn farts – I’d opt for riding a dragon. One of my favourite things in the world is watching Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon fly. I would love to race a dragon through the clouds.


3. After arriving at work late, your boss asks you what your most embarrassing childhood memory was. You have to tell him. 
My haircuts. So many dreadful haircuts. This pudding bowl extravaganza lasted far too long but probably the most embarrassing was when I used Sun-In to dye my hair the day before senior school. It went very wrong and I was known as ‘the girl with the pink hair’ for ages.
Abi as Moll


4. You’re pretty fed up now so when a time machine appears offering to take you to any historical event, you agree. Where do you go and why?
I’d love to have been with the two young cousins, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths, in 1917, when they claimed to have taken photographs of real fairies. I’ve always wondered what really went on with the Cottingley Fairies…


5. There is light at the end of the tunnel. As a Fearless Fifteener, your debut is out this year. Tell us about your book in 15 words or less.
Super evil witchdoctor versus gypsy girl and wildcat. Plus catapults, tree ghouls and oracle bones.



Dreamsnatcher Final High Res Cover

Twelve-year-old Molly Pecksniff wakes one night in the middle of the forest, lured there by a recurring nightmare – the one with the drums and the rattles and the masks. The Dreamsnatcher is waiting. He has already taken her dreams and now he wants her life. Because Moll is more important than she knows…The Oracle Bones foretold that she and Gryff, a wildcat that has always been by her side, are the only ones who can fight back against the Dreamsnatcher’s dark magic. Suddenly everything is at stake, and Moll is drawn into a world full of secrets, magic and adventure. Perfect for fans of J.K. Rowling, Michelle Harrison and Eva Ibbotson. You can watch the magical trailer for Abi’s book on her website: www.abielphinstone.com



Abi Elphinstone

Abi Elphinstone grew up in Scotland where she spent most of her childhood building dens, hiding in tree houses and running wild across highland glens. After being coaxed out of her tree house, she studied English at Bristol University and then worked as a teacher in Africa, Berkshire and London. THE DREAMSNATCHER is her debut novel and when she’s not writing about Moll and Gryff, she volunteers for Kidsco, does star jumps on the top of very high mountains, messes about on www.abielphinstone.com and runs her children’s books blog www.moontrug.com.

Author website: http://www.abielphinstone.com
Twitter: @moontrug
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abi.elphinstone
Instagram: @moontrugger



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