Fearless Fridays: Susan faces teenagers


For this post, I was originally planning to face my fear of doing new things in public by filming me ICE-SKATING for the first time. However, Weather has not cooperated–it’s been way too warm here in Montana, and the outdoor ice skating rink has been melted and closed for the season for 3 weeks.

I am both disappointed and relieved about this, on several levels.

However, it wasn’t hard to come up with a back-up idea for being fearless. My best and strongest example of fearlessness occurred the week before my book came out, January 20-23rd.

Without any prior experience, I spent 3 full days presenting to teenagers. Over and over and over, a 45-50 min talk about myself and my book. 19 times, in three days.


I mean, I like teenagers! I have one now. But facing their skeptical…faces? Sometimes a hundred of them at a time? EEEEP. I definitely didn’t sleep the night before the first one. Or…the second one. I was petrified. That first morning I think I was shaking, and I quite literally had to force myself to get into the car and go. I don’t know what I thought was the worst-case scenario. Maybe this?

Nobody-likes-you-GIFBut I did it. I walked into that highschool (fake it till you make it!) and set up my Powerpoint, and when the kids came in and looked at me, I talked. And talked and talked. (That first day? the Powerpoint wasn’t long enough, so I talked to fill…)

But you know what? It WASN’T BAD. Better than that, it was kind of FUN.Photo Jan 13, 2 07 17 PMPhoto Jan 13, 1 16 44 PM

The kids were really enthusiastic, asked fantastic questions about my book and the publishing process, and wore their Chucks for me!

The next schools were bigger, and I had my presentation down a lot better (after the poor 1st period, who had to deal with the screen not working), and I started to get into it.

Photo Jan 14, 1 49 01 PMPhoto Jan 16, 1 16 46 PMBy the last day I really enjoyed it, even if I was WIPED. And since then I have: recorded a radio show, held my launch party (and spoke there), done panel events in Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Diego, and did another school event in Santee, CA. I have six more events planned already, and more coming.

I was petrified, but I proved to myself that I can do it–and that it can be fun to face your fears.

Thanks, Fearless Fifteeners! You helped.

(And today’s my birthday! That kind of attention I love.) 🙂

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