Q&A with MG author, Jen White


Next up on Fearless Fifteeners’ Wednesday Q&As is MG author, Jen White, whose debut, SURVIVAL STRATEGIES OF THE ALMOST BRAVE, is out on June 9th. We’ve got a bio and book blurb at the end of the post but right now we’re skipping straight to ogres. Fearless or what?!


1. You wake up to find a massive ogre in your bedroom. If you had to choose one MG character to fight him off who would you choose and why?
I would choose India Opal Buloni.  Because she would give my ogre a perfect name like Ogre Dixie, feed him a fine meal of Littmus Lozenges, and take him to listen to her father, The Preacher.


2. Having defeated the ogre, you find that your car doesn’t start. Bummer. Would you rather ride a dragon or a unicorn to work? Why?
I would ride a dragon, because I am still a huge fan of, THE NEVER ENDING STORY, and hope that someday Falkor will come and take me on an adventure.


3. After arriving at work late, your boss asks you what your most embarrassing childhood memory was. You have to tell him. 
My most embarrassing moment? When I was dressed as our high school mascot (a wolf) and tripped and fell down the high school stadium stairs during a football game.


4. You’re pretty fed up now so when a time machine appears offering to take you to any historical event, you agree. Where do you go and why?
September 15, 1835, to board the HMS Beagle.  I’d assist Charles Darwin and study everything natural on the Galapagos Islands.  All of those animals to get to know. 😊  Yippee!!


5. There is light at the end of the tunnel. As a Fearless Fifteener, your debut is out this year. Tell us about your book in 15 words or less.
How to be brave, even when you don’t think you can.



Jen Book Cover

After their mother’s recent death, twelve-year-old Liberty and her eight-year-old sister, Billie, are sent to live with their father, who they haven’t seen since they were very young. Things are great at first; the girls are so excited to get to know their father – a photographer who, for the summer, is travelling around in an RV. But soon, the pressure of parenthood becomes too much for him, and he abandons the girls at the Jiffy Company Gas Station. Instead of waiting for someone to come to their rescue, Liberty takes matters into her own hands. On the sisters’ journey to get home, they encounter a menacing gas station attendant, a heavily tattooed trucker, a kid obsessed with Star Wars, a woman who lives with many very usual pets, and a host of other characters. When all seems lost, they get some help from an unlikely source, and end up learning that sometimes you have to get a little bit lost to be found.


Jen Author Photos15

Jen White (jenwhitebooks.com) holds an M.F.A. in writing for children and young adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She lives in San Clemente, California, with her family. When Jen was twelve years old, she and her sister were accidentally left at a gas station in the desert. Her parents returned, but wondering what would have happened if they had not inspired Jen to write Survival Strategies of the Almost Brave. This is her debut novel. twitter: @jenwhite_


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