Fearless Fridays – Alison DeCamp Faces Her Fear of Aliens (They’re Real!)



I used to be afraid of aliens. Oh, who am I kidding. I’m still afraid of aliens.

Once my brother and his girlfriend saw strange lights in the sky while driving a portion of deserted highway. I was probably eleven years old at the time. It was my first almost-UFO sighting. It was also in a section of the state where there was an Air Force base located nearby. I’m sure that had nothing to do with anything.

Years later, after I was married (I’ll admit, I was in my late twenties), a couple came over for dinner and brought a movie with them. FIRE IN THE SKY. A movie so frightening I squeezed my eyes shut and plugged my ears whenever the trailer was shown on TV.

Based on a true story (I know!), FIRE IN THE SKY (in case you are too young to remember) is about a man who is abducted by aliens while his logging coworkers look on. He disappears for five days and resurfaces with no memory and no clothes. Later he has flashbacks about the experiments the aliens performed on him.

There was NO way I was watching that movie. So after dinner my husband and guests slid the movie into the VCR, and I retreated to our bedroom where I turned on the radio and covered my head with a pillow. For two hours.

That was a fun night.

The next morning I called my mother and relayed the entire story. She listened without interrupting me or telling me I was ridiculous. All she said at the end was, “Alison, what makes you think any aliens would want you?”

From then on I haven’t been nearly as freaked out by aliens. Because out of 7 billion people in the world, why WOULD a bunch of aliens want me?

But I’m still not watching that movie. And what I just said isn’t true either. Because I just googled all this information about UFOs and alien sitings and Travis Walton to write this post and I might not sleep tonight.

Alison DeCamp grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where she heard many stories about lumber camps, scary grandmothers, and outhouses. She taught middle school for eight years, stayed home with her two adorable children (now adorable teenagers) and works at a bookstore in Harbor Springs, Michigan. MY NEAR-DEATH ADVENTURES (99% True!) is available Feb. 24. You can find Alison on Twitter and Facebook where she loves to posts old pictures and kids’ art.