Fearless Friday with Alexandra Sirowy & Shannon Grogan


August YA Thriller Debuts Shannon Grogan and Alexandra Sirowy teamed up to ask their MC’s a few questions!

Introducing, Kara, the main character of FROM WHERE I WATCH YOU:

Dealing with the aftermath of betrayal, her sister’s death, and the collapse of her family, 16-year-old Kara focuses on her dreams of becoming a professional baker. Winning a national baking contest could help her escape to a prestigious culinary school.

But someone is watching.

Someone hides, follows, and leaves her creepy notes.  If she doesn’t figure out who it is, she could lose everything. Her chance of escape. The boy she’s beginning to love and trust. Even her life.


And, Stella, the main character of THE CREEPING:

Stella is the lucky one. When she was six, Stella and her friend Jeanie went into the woods to pick strawberries. Stella came back. Jeanie never did. Eleven years later, Stella is over it, even if whatever happened to Jeanie is still lost in her messed up memory. Stella has a summer full of cove days, best friends, and her gorgeous crush to look forward to, that is, until the fresh corpse of a little girl with eerie similarities to six-year-old Jeanie is found on the anniversary of her disappearance.

What are you most afraid of losing?

Stella: My friends! Especially my three bests, Zoey, Michaela, and Cole. I’d be lost without them.

Kara: I’m most afraid of losing my mom. She’s really all I have left. Even if she is a nut job and she drives me crazy. After everything, I guess I still need her. As long as she doesn’t turn into the mom from “Carrie”.


What are you afraid of that you’d never admit to aloud?

Stella: Ouija boards completely eek me out. Totally crazy, I know. I can handle the real stuff that goes bump in the night, but just whisper something like Bloody Mary to me three times in the same zip code as a mirror and I can’t sleep for a week.


Kara: Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary! No, just kidding, Stella! I’d never admit this to anyone but you, but I’m afraid of pigeon germs. I kinda live in the city and they’re dirty and everywhere and they poop everywhere! I swear there is going to be some kind of pigeon flu outbreak. It’s gross.

Pigeons Pigeons Pigeons!

Pigeons Pigeons Pigeons!

Which scary movie or book would you cast yourself in and why?

Stella: I don’t like all those scary movies that have the girl always shrieking her head off or running the wrong direction or waiting for someone to save her.
I wouldn’t be that type of heroine. Whatever movie or book I’d be in, I’d be the one figuring things out and saving the day.

Kara: Me too, Stella. I think maybe “Silence of the Lambs”. The heroine in that was kick ass smart, in FBI training. Oh, FYI, that one is a book and a movie. Creepy!

Silence of the Lambs

Silence of the Lambs

Would you rather be covered by spiders or snakes?

Stella: Snakes for sure. Anything but spiders.

Kara: Yuck, neither! I think I agree with Stella. Snakes. At least if you stand up they will fall off. Spiders cling! Ick!

What’s your most embarrassing moment ever?

Stella: Ummm, hello? I already get enough sideways glances and stares. Invite more attention or whispers? Not gonna happen.

Kara: Ooh Stella, what secrets are you hiding? Why are people whispering about you? Hmm. Well, I try to keep mostly to myself so as not to bring attention either. But I think my most embarrassing moment was in 9th grade when I dropped an F bomb in Home Ec after I burned my hand pulling cookies out of the oven. That wasn’t really the embarrassing part though, the embarrassing part was Mr. King making me repeat it and spell it on the white board, and then use it in a sentence. And then giving me a detention.


Shannon writer photo crop 2Shannon Grogan teaches 2nd grade by day, and writes at Starbucks while her kids are at ballet and baseball. If she can stay off Twitter and stay awake, she writes at night, in a tiny logging town near Seattle, Washington. Her debut, FROM WHERE I WATCH YOU, will be published by Soho Teen, August 2015.
Alexandra Sirowy PhotoAlexandra Sirowy is the author of THE CREEPING, a debut thriller for young adults coming August 18th, 2015 from Simon and Schuster’s Books for Young Readers. To learn more, visit Alexandrasirowy.com or follow her on Twitter.

Fearless Fridays: K.E. Ormsbee sleeps in a room filled with killer dolls


This vlog contains images of soul-sucking dolls. You’ve been warned. Now join me as I confront a lifelong fear. It’ll be fun! Maybe a tad traumatic. But through it all, I stick to my motto: tumblr_m0oymz3pF41rpx59io1_500

Kathryn (K.E.) Ormsbee writes Middle Grade and Young Adult books. Her debut novel, THE WATER AND THE WILD, is a Middle Grade fantasy published by Chronicle Books in April 2015, with a sequel to follow in Fall 2016. Her YA debut, LUCKY FEW, will be published by Simon & Schuster in Summer 2016. She likes clothes from the 60s, music from the 70s, and movies from the 80s. She is from the 90s. Find her online at keormsbee.com. You can also follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

FEARLESS FRIDAYS – Mike Grosso faces his fear of heights


“FEARLESS FRIDAYS is something new for 2015. During our big scary debut year, many of our members will be facing their biggest fears and posting about the experience on Fridays.”

Most of my fears connect to an event. A huge spider para-trooping onto the back of my neck at age four, for instance, gifted me with eternal arachnophobia.

My fear of heights, however, connects to nothing. I’ve never been attacked by a mountain or dangled out of an airplane to get me to spill the beans.

My fear of heights is without reason. It does not negotiate.

It cohesively fits the medium of nightmares. Take any awful thing your brain can imagine during the twilight hours, and top it off by strolling off a ledge and waking up in a cold sweat. A perfect ending to a horrible narrative.

It ruins a lot of fun things, like roller coasters and pretending to be tough. I’m forty-five minutes away from Six Flags Great America, but I’ve only been on the Giant Drop once, and only because my friends made me. My eyes were closed the entire time, except for a peek at the Chicago skyline the moment my plummet began and my horror movie scream shot across the sky.

“Man, did you hear that girl screaming her head off?” one of my clueless friends said. I’ve never forgiven him.

The good news is taking on your fear of heights (AKA acrophobia) is surprisingly fun, especially when you’re an El ride away from the Sears Tower (I won’t call it Willis) and its terrifying Skydeck.

It didn’t help that I’d read an article about the protective coating cracking.

It didn’t help that I had no change of pants, and Macy’s on State Street doesn’t have a bargain bin.

It didn’t help that 103 floors up (1,353 feet) is really freaking high, enough to make the world turn upside-down in my head.

But I did it anyway… because writers need to be brave.

Becky Wallace is up next. Her amazing debut, THE STORYSPINNER, releases in March, but she’ll be scaring herself silly much sooner than that – two weeks from today, on Friday, January 16, to be exact.

Mike GrossoMike Grosso writes, teaches, parents, and plays a variety of instruments at all hours of the day for all possible reasons in Oak Park, Illinois, where he lives with his wife and two-year-old son. He loves coffee, teaching, writing, reading, and making lots of noise with whatever objects he can find nearby. His debut contemporary middle grade novel, I AM DRUMS, will be released by Egmont USA in September 2015. Until then, you can follow his journey to publication at mikegrossoauthor.com or by following him on Twitter.