Fearless Fridays: Fonda Lee Describes the Publishing Experience Using Horror Movie Gifs


I confess: I am a wuss when it comes to scary movies. I am 100% down with thrilling, suspenseful, or violent. Bring all that. But when it comes to full on scary—you know, the kind of movies with blurry poster images of screaming faces and tag lines like “Evil Awaits”—I am a sad coward.

I attribute this to the fact that I suspend disbelief way too easily. This is a helpful trait when it comes to being a speculative fiction reader and writer, but if you tell me that Candyman will appear if you say his name five times in the mirror, or that I’ll die in seven days if I watch this creepy video—well, damn I kinda believe you and now I’m not leaving the spot under this table.

Since this is Fearless Friday, I thought it would be appropriate for me to use one of my fears—scary movies—to describe something else that, despite all its genuinely wonderful parts, certainly inspires its fair share of terror—the publishing process.

So it kind of works like this.

You’re a writer with a book on submission and the rejections are coming fast and furious.

Hooray! An editor takes the bait!

You get your first editorial letter and it’s like:

During the revision process:

Soon you’ve read and revised your book so many times you can’t even stand to look at it anymore:

At times the process seems endless.

But then your ARCs are out, and you imagine reviewers are thinking:

Sometimes bad reviews happen and it’s like:

Meanwhile, you’re trying to sell your next book:

And trying not to obsessively check Goodreads or Amazon Sales Rankings:

Yet, miraculously, your book does make it out into the world, and you want to write another and do it all over again!

Come back next Friday to see what scares my fellow Flux author Stefanie Lyons. In the meantime, help alleviate MY fear of premature career death by checking out the schedule of online and live launch events for ZEROBOXER and grabbing a copy of the book when it hits shelves on April 8!

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FJLee HeadshotFonda Lee is an author and recovering corporate strategist who was born and raised in Calgary, Canada (land of hockey, rodeo, and oil reserves) and now lives with her family in Portland, Oregon (land of rain, hipsters, and Powell’s books). When she is not writing she can be found training in kung fu or searching out tasty breakfasts. Her debut upper YA science fiction novel, ZEROBOXER, will be published by Flux on April 8. You can find Fonda at www.fondalee.com and on Twitter @fondajlee.